Non-Destructive Test

🎯 Definition of Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing is a technology that inspects · determines the incompleteness of the object to be inspected without damaging the object to be inspected using the principle of physical phenomena, and inspects the internal structure of the part and the accept · reject of defects.

🎯 Method of Non-Destructive Testing

Radiographic Testing

Principle and Method

Radiation has the property of transmitting an object, and the degree of transmission depends on the density and the thickness of the specimen.
When the radiation is transmitted through the test body, the intensity of the radiation transmitted to the sound area and the discontinuity is different, so that a difference in density occurs on the film or the CRT.
By observing this image, the shape, position, size and the like of defects existing in the test body can be judged.

X-ray film / film plan view


It is applied throughout industrial facilities such as power plants, pressure vessels, pipelines, and machine parts, and is especially applied to welds.

Application field
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